7 Seven Key Tea Plantations

All CHALI tea leaves are produced by the 7 strictly selected and high-quality plantation partners,which are respectively Heizhu Town, Mantou Mountain, Daping Village, Longtan Village, Peiyuan Village, Fengshan Town and Diantou Town.

1 One Self-established Tea Studies and Research Center

CHALI has established a teabag industry standard. All tea leaves are manufactured, blended & graded and deep processed with the key technologies in the tea studies and research center.

0 Non-additive Pure Whole Leaf

The whole leaves, healthy flowers & herbs are blended,graded in the CHALI studies and research center. The whole leaves are pure and complete. The flower and herb excipients are visible.

3 Even a Third-time Brew-up Will Not Spoil the Pure Taste

The CHALI CFDS assessment system ensuresevery tea bag you enjoy is quality-assured.